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You have to know the common sense of the door lock
Release time:2018年5月22日  Publisher:Reprint

It seems that every once in a while, we will be hit by the news of children falling in car accidents. The careless parents were driving the car but did not take care of the children sitting in the back row. When the door opened suddenly, a child rolled down from the car, made an accident, and made a sigh.

In fact, as long as we attach importance to children's safety locks, such accidents can be avoided.

Child safety lock

For children's safety locks, we must first clarify a misunderstanding: the central locking child safety lock. Because the central control lock can be relieved by the unlocking switch in the vehicle, so the safety protection can not guarantee foolproof.  After locking the child's safety lock, no matter how the child is in the back row, he can't open the door from the car. At this point, the door can only be opened from outside, the car door handle temporarily lost the function of opening the door, thus preventing children from accidentally opening the back door.

So, how do you use a child security lock?

Soul Gemini's push-type child safety lock can be switched between locking and unlocking positions by moving the dial before closing the rear door. The child's safety lock slid to lock position, and it can be locked back in the opposite direction. It can be unlocked, and the operation is simple and convenient. It can be changed to the child's safety in 1 seconds.

In addition, in order to secure the child's ride, treasure mom and dad not only need to lock the children's safety lock on the two rear doors, but also tie the children with a seat belt so as to avoid a bumpy or sudden stop to bring an excessive collision to the children. After the child's safety is guaranteed, Bao dad and his mother can drive more freely.

Door lock problem

Of course, in addition to children's safety lock, the car door lock system is also important, because it is related to the safety and escape of passengers, so we need to improve the "problem" of the door lock. Some friends reflect that when the vehicle is unlocked or locked, the "squeaky" noise will occur. In fact, it is only the sound of the electric brush in the motor. It is not a fault, so it does not need to be flurried.

Understanding the principle of the door lock sound can help to understand the structure and operation process of the door lock.

As shown above, if the motor is switched on, if the motor is blocked in a particular position, an arc is formed between the brush and the commutator inside the motor, causing the brush to vibrate and make a sound. Under normal conditions, arcing must meet four conditions:

1. The motor is in a locked rotor state and is continuously supplied with voltage.

2, occurs in the commutation area of AC, and the AB distance is greater than AC distance.

3, the potential difference of AB is large enough.

4, the single side contact of the brush plate and the reversing valve C.

This is the general phenomenon that the DC brush type machine occurs in the state of suppression, which can not be completely avoided from the structure of the motor. Therefore, this kind of "abnormal sound" is a normal phenomenon, and it is also incidental from the frequency.

While driving and doing well the safety measures inside the vehicle, the door lock system must be used correctly to prevent accidents.

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