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Send you a set of smart lock maintenance Secrets
Release time:2018年5月22日  Publisher:Reprint

The door lock is the first line of defense for home safety. It is the primary guarantee of family safety. To enhance the security function of family security door lock, the lock must not only buy well, but also the daily maintenance is very important. Here is a set of smart lock maintenance tips for you. Please keep it!

Maintenance secret: first type

Prohibit unprofessional disassembly; the internal structure of the fingerprint lock is often more complex than the traditional lock. It contains a variety of high-tech electronic products. If you are not familiar with it, it is better not to disassemble it.  Basically, there are any problems that can be consulted by manufacturers, and there will usually be special after-sales service staff to help you solve them. This is also a reminder that when you purchase, you should choose a manufacturer or agent who has good after-sale service to purchase a fingerprint lock.

Maintenance secret: Second

When most friends open the door, they always push the door to the door frame to get the closest hug between the door and the door, but it's not the lock that the door wants. When we open the door, we should rotate the handle, let the door lock the tongue, and then combine the door frame, then let it loose, do not hit the door hard, otherwise it will reduce the life of the lock.

Maintenance secret: Third

Fingerprint doors are locked for a long time, and the surfaces of the fingerprint-brushing window may be wet or stained. Wipe gently with a dry soft cloth. Note that it is dry soft cloth, one is dry to avoid dampness; the other is soft cloth, can not be rubbed with hard like iron shavings, otherwise it will scratch.

Do not hang up on the handle of an intelligent door lock. The handlebar is the key part of the lock, the people who have the habit of hanging things on the door lock, it is better to get rid of this habit, even if the time of hanging is not long, the number of times will also make the handle do not listen.

Maintenance secret: Fourth

Intelligent door lock is also a mechanical lock hole, one of the spare, the use of mechanical keys feel not smooth, do not add lubricant. For a long time without mechanical keys to open the door, it is possible for the lock key to be inserted and pulled out. A small amount of graphite powder or pencil powder can be put into the lock core slot to ensure that the key opens normally. But the lubricating oil can not be added, because the oil is easy to stick to ash, and then the lock eye will easily accumulate dust slowly, and form oil putty, which makes the lock more easily malfunction.

Maintenance secret: Fifth

Do not let the lock face contact with the corrosive substance. Although the safety of the lock is the first point, but ornamental is also very important, after all, this is the guest to your home first contact place. So do not let the lock surface and corrosive substances contact oh, that will damage the lock surface protective layer, affect the gloss of the lock surface or cause surface coating oxidation.

Maintenance secret: type 6

Check up diligently. The door lock is used every day, and it is recommended for six months or a year to check it once, and check whether the fastening screws are loose to ensure fastening, and the coordination gap between the lock and the lock plate. Wait. If you use Topstrong intelligent fingerprint lock, you can call the service hotline when the door lock is found to be abnormal. It will be handled by the professional staff for you, solve the problem in time, avoid the hidden danger.

Maintenance secret: Seventh

To check the battery, especially in hot weather, the battery leakage will corrode the intelligent lock. If the battery is low or there is a leak, the new battery should be replaced at the same time, and the new and old batteries are not used.


The maintenance of intelligent door locks lies in everyday life. These methods may not deal with all the problems, but being a conscientious person can better protect our home's intelligent door lock, protect our home security first line of defense, and not.

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